Digital Budget Under Management (DBUM)

S$ 242,000 / Month 
S$ 2,904,000 / Annum

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Here is how we empower business digitally
Paid Digital Advertising Management
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Digital Content Creation
E-commerce Set-Up
SEO and Social Media Management

Why HonestNumbers?

  • We let Numbers do the talking.

    Instead of pitching to you all day about how great we are. We let the numbers talk. Board our Digital Advertising Management Program and we charge 0% for the initial 3 months! Let the numbers pitch after and you decide if you wish to continue!

  • Minimal Charges thereafter

    Many may wonder how much are we charging after the 3 months period if they wish to continue with our results?
    Well don’t worry. We believe in no fanciful offices or big mark ups. We are here to help businesses in Singapore grow in the digital space. Our fees currently range from 5% to 10% as compared to the market’s 12% to 20%.

  • 6 Months Contract

    Currently we run on 6 months contract, with the option to exit if you are unsatisfied with our results after the initial 3 months (currently we do not have any clients doing this, fingers crossed). We believe in happy corporate relationships!

  • Transparent Fees

    We charge all clients the same with a transparent fee pricing. No need to worry if you are getting the best deal because everyone is getting the same best deal! As you spend more on digital, it is only natural that your fee charged will reduce in percentage. Remember, 5% – 10%. First 3 months will be 0%!

Paid Digital Advertising Management

We uses various platforms to promote your brand, products or service objectively to achieve your intended goal. It can be E-Commerce Checkouts, Leads Generation, Product Launch or simply Branding.

We uses intensive growth hack methods to propel your business quickly in the digital world to achieve set targets.

Numbers do not lie. Hence our company is named HonestNumbers. We deliver trackable results within a reasonable timeframe. Whatever is possible, we deliver. When it is impossible, we decide to let you know upfront instead of delivering disappointments.

Your business is our priority.

Case Study 1

Company H is in the beauty industry in Singapore with a few outlets located prominently in good shopping malls. H would like to increase their customers base, attract new clients instead of generating revenue from only existing clients.

Traditional Marketing is very costly with results barely trackable. Relying on referral and walk in is cost-friendly but passive. They decided to engage us to generate leads digitally.

On the second month we increased their monthly new clients by 500%. Their revenue on the new clients alone was a whopping 600% return on their digital marketing budget on the second month.

They are still our valuable client to date and we are working on taking them to the next level.

We take care of the customers generation so they can focus on the business.

  • Company H, Leads Generation

Case Study 2

N has great products but they did not want to sell their products with big mark ups because of heavy rents. They decided to start an E-Commerce to sell their fabulous products with only 3 SKUs.

They engaged us to create their E-Commerce website including the backend orders and stock management software, Magento. We also manages their digital marketing campaigns after. All they wanted was E-Commerce Checkouts and to push their products out into the market digitally.

Initially was slow as this is a brand new start-up with no brand presence both offline and online.

However during the fourth month, their revenue was 300% of their digital marketing budget monthly. We manage to reduce the cost per checkout to a healthy and profitable number and we are currently working on increasing the number of checkouts while maintaining a healthy Cost per Checkout.

  • Company N, E-Commerce Start-Up

Start with confidence!

-0% Management fees for the first 3 months.We make sure that your revenue comes first!

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